Wednesday, September 17, 2008

being married and borderline

Every time I go to see my shrink, I always get asked if I'm still married. I think a lot of people in the mental health field are schocked when they find out I am a Borderline, yet happily married. Then again, I can't blame them. When a borderline gets close to someone, they sometimes get rid of them if boredom occurs becaue they need a little chaos in their now settled life. My dating life was complete chaos before I met my husband and I liked it, I'm afraid to say. The breakups and maeups, the intessness, the highs and lows-exciting. But, they were alll losers and I never thought I'd marry. Then, I met my husband. Sure I"d go all borderline on him, but he wouldn't up it (which made me mad), he just stayed around
'til I cooled down. Yep, he was defintaely made for me. I'm so glad my husband understands me and knows I'm just "being borderline" when I tell hi8m hateful things and to leave me. If you are married and borderline, I would strongly encourage you to have your mate read "I hate you -don't leave me." My husband read it when we were dating and has a wonderful grasp on an ugly part of me.


  1. It's nice to hear a successful relationship story in the world of BPD!

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