Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What's UP?

Well, I haven't been subbing becasue of my tutoring gigs. I am going to expand it into the summer. I'm going to recruit hich schoolers and hopefuly, in two years it'll turn itno something big. Fingers crossed. I'm getting frustrated about not getting pregnant, but I know I need to learn to be patient. I have this fear that I'll have S.A.D. this summer (6th summer in a row) and my tutoring program will go dwon the toilet because of it. Ho hum..

Monday, March 2, 2009


I woke up Friday and my throat killed. By Sunday, I seriously thought I had strep, but today, I just have the signs of a bad cold, maybe mixed in with a little bronchial infection. I've watched practically all the good movies on our movie channels and I finished my book. So, I might paint betweeen naps.
Good news- I'm going to be tutoring this seven-year old Mexican boy. I met with him and his family last week and they are so sweet! I'm making plans to really branch out my free tutoring program. I'm planning on recruiting some high school students who need the service hours and am going to call my college teacher and ask her about grant money. Wish me luck!
Oh, i'm not pregnant, but we're still trying.