Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I worked Monday and Today. Monday night, Hubby and I joined the gym and I went to my first pilates class. Feel the burn! Everyone was really nice and I'm going again on Saturday morning. It felt really goood to work out. We have sticky toffee pudding in the oven, to bring to Hubby's aunts tom, then we're going to my anunt's house the day after Thanksgiving. I"m also going to look into a lightbox, maybe that will help me not sleeep so much. Happy thoughts.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A funny

I'm gonna blame

my excessive sleeping on my new, comfy bed and the cold weather. I don't know what the deal is. I'm sleeping well into the afternoon on days I don't work (which is a lot because I only got called once last week.) My shrink and I have decided to decrease my Seroqual. I'm on 250 from 300 mg. I'll decrease to 200 again at the end of next week. I'm going to keep decreasing to see how little I can live on.
I feel guilty about the sleeping, but it feels like I have nothing else to do. I've signed up for a college class for the spring semester, so maybe that'll help. I have it two days a week , in the morning. Hubby and I are also gonna get memberships to the gym. We've both gained weight since we've been married and we no likey.
Oh yeah, the reason I talked to my pdoc about decreasing my meds is that Hubby and I may try to get pregnant at the end of next summer (if everything goes ok) I hope to God that I don't have another depression like last summer, but my Prozac has been a godsend.
I just kinda have to get through these boring days, maybe find a hobby, probably post a lot, and make sure I don't get borderline becaue of the boredom. Hubby has vacation until Dec. 1st at work. I need prayers.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So many good things to type about. First of all, sinced I've been getting the experience of being a teacher's aide last year and this year, I finally found out what ages I want to work with and have been contacting the college-very awesome! I'm really glad I have experience working with all kinds of kids and different age groups, so I could make a bettter decidsion-I am going to be a preschool teacher (one of these years), but I'm so happy that I finally found out what I really want todo with my life.
Last night, I had a BPD breakthrough. I felt angry and cheated with my husband. I was either going to start a dramamtic fight or just go to bed, depresssed (probably waking up in the morning , feeling worse. ) But no, out of nowhere, I took the high road and announced to my husband that I was angry. Then, we talked about why and made a lot of healthy changes. I'm so happy he's so patient with me and willing to communicate. This is a big thing, since I've acted on my emotions for about over a year, not thinking , just becoming dramatic, or going inside myself-all depressed. Good day, eh?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


First of all, don't forget to vote.
Everything's prety good on the homefront and has been really good lately. Hubby and I atteneded a marriage seminar through our church that freakin rocked. I'm working on gettting back into school. I"m also trying to enjoy my solitude. That's about it for now.