Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maybe changes

We're looking at two more houses this Saturday. It's exciting, yet scary.
I have a job interview next month. It will be really weird if I get a full time job, I'm not used to having one, but Iwould try my best to adjust. I hope I'm the beswt person for the job. It's a teacher's aide. I've subbed as one for the past two years, so I know what I'll be in for. Plus, it's at a preschool (fun!). Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Great day yesterday

I got up, paid some bills, went to the bank, had lunch with my dad, hung out with my sister (showed her the houses we had looked at), and didn't even take a nap. Go me! Today, not so good. Got up at 2:30 - was supposed to see my counselour, but didn't go or even let her know I wasn't going-just no motivation, but I'm glad that I can have good days along with my bad ones anyway.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things to do with a brick

1. paint it and make a friend like a pet rock, even name it
2. throw it at someone
3. stand on it
4. lick it
5. try to break it in half
6. clean it in the tub
7. put it in your shirt and have a rectangular boob
8. throw it in a pond
9. try to give it to a charity
10. sell it on e-bay
11. bring it in a store, walk around, then leave with it
12. put it in the passenger seat in your car and give it a ride
13. throw it a birthday party
14. put it in a soup
15. make out with it

Any other ideas?

Where is everybody?

I know it's been a while, but it seems like all my blog friends have deleted their blogs. If you want your blog on my blog list, I would love to put some on there. Just post a comment. Thanks.

Update (list form) (me likey the list form)

1. still not pregnant
2. been looking for a house
3. grandpa passed away
4. sis is home for summer
5. trying to hold it together

And you?

Keeep me sane!

In order to keep the damn summer depression at bay, I've decided to get myself back to bloggging. I've felt so hopeless today. But, hopefullyt typing some stuff daily will help.
one time in the psych ward, they decreased my anti-anxiety meds waaaaay to much and I was practically climbing the walls. So I made lists of things to make lists of (it was pretty bad lol)
Anywho, I feel completely bored right now and decided to make a list of things I can do(like on the post below) to remind myself that there is stuff out there and I don't have to go to bed. Bear with me.
1.clean (yeah-thanks mom) (ta da!)
3.go to the Dollar Tree
4.get a book a the library bills (again-yeah! not!) a movie from Red Box (0nly a dollar a day) (I'm poor)
7.go for a walk (after it stops raining) Webkinz
9.bake something
10.make something

Whoo-making it to 10 was hard. I need a life.

list of things to do when bored and broke

don't we all need a list like this?
Check it out!