Monday, May 17, 2010


Enjoying ribbon and her company , but can feel my summer depression creeping in. I just have to make myself do things, keep seeing my counselour weekly and get outside more I guess. We're actually making couple friends and I'm excited about that. Also, my niece has tee ball games on Wednesday. I'm planning on painting our bedroom this summer, too. It has this creepy old lady wallpaper on it and HAS to be removed soon. haha. Lots of flowers are blooming around the house. It's a nice surprise. It keeeps raining, though, and I need to mow the yard soooo bad. Becasue of the rain, our driveway has flooded several times, so Hubby and I are going to dig a ditch and put in some pipe. Wish us luck!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pic of Ribbon

Ribbon is finally home!

We got the cat today. First she had to get surgery because there was a crystal in her urine. So, I had to wait. Then when I went to pick her up yesterday, right before I put her in her kitty carrier, I noticed that she had taken out her stitches, so I had to rush to the vet and wait until today. Because of the stitches incident, she is wearing "the cone of shame", which she hates, but she gets the stitches out in ten days or so. She is a very good cat and very loving. I think she will do wonders for my mood and boredom. I hope Hubby is glad we got a cat. He said he is, but I still wonder. I tried to upload a pic of her on my camera phone to my computer, but it didn't work , so pics are to come. Wish me and Ribbon luck. :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

guess What!

we are getting a cat from the Humane Society named "Ribbon." I'm very excited.