Monday, August 9, 2010

I have a smiley face!!!!

I was thinking of calling some family members and telling them about the news of my ovulation, but then thought it would be weird. (ya think? ha ha) So, why not blog it, eh? After a week or so of having a plain circle after peeing on the ovulation detector stick, I have a smiley face, yes! I'm so happy the first round of Clomid worked, now the hard, err fun part, err lol.
I got a call from the lady that I was supposed to have the nanny interview with today and she checked into daycare rates, so she's having second thoughts about hiring someone in their home. Daycare is only 27 dollars a day. I am asking for fifty. I hope she reconsiders, but she'll talk with her husband about it and call me back in a few days. But, I have a smiley face finally, and that rocks!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Goals have always been important to me and my mental health. I've decided to make a few. For example, Before I start to review a new lesson in my class course, I am going to write in my planner when I will have my quiz for that lesson each week. I am also looking for a pt job besides my homecare job. I plan to rock my nanny interview tom. 'cause it's perfect, but If I don't get it, I will keep on looking for something else that will be good for me (one on one care, low stress, etc.) Hubby and I also plan to start walking and biking this fall. I also need to play more with Ribbon. I'm so glad summer is almost over. I hope we start to have cooler weather.

Paranormal Cativity

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Stuff

I just did my first quiz and got an A!!! I also have a job interview Monday for a pt Nanny. All good.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

so anyway...

I have enrolled in this medical transcription program thingy. I am quite excited about it. Even though I may not get a job as a medical transcription person down the road, I do enjoy learning and reading books.
I have been having severe bouts of depression , but have decided to NOT commit suicide. It's my husband that keeps me going. Yes, I do love him that much. I try to keep busy with work and with different new things on my plate. The despair that comes over me is so powerful though. I hope I am more powerful than it is.
I am currently peeing on a stick once a day. Not the pregnancy stick, but the ovulation stick. That's where forty-five of our dollars have gone. (Thank you, Wal-Mart). Come on Clomid, work for me now!
The baptism went okay. I wish our couple friends had been there, but they do have three kids. I do not feel any different or more "godly" I believe I'm as godly as I've always been. Not more. Not less. Then again, I gave my heart to God, nine years ago in a state mental hospital.
So anyway, this is my latest update.