Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dearest parental units,

We are never going to paint together from the Donna Dewberry book unless you learn the S.E.T. therapy method. You are my biggest bpd trigger, but won't learn shit about the diagnosis and you still think you have all the answers. Guess what? Having BPD doesn't make me a horrible person, even when I'm struggling. You are a stubborn pain in the ass, so we can't be friends. I will see you on the holidays and/or when the girls come over. Good bye and good luck

YOu have bronchitis. Going to work will make it worse. Stop being such an asshat and take a week off-don't go to Nean's to work-rest. Working will only make it worse. It could even turn into pneumonia. Do you want that? You are even contagious. You are stubborn and proud and you piss me off. Grrrr.

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