Monday, October 26, 2009

Bitch Session

I am late for my period by 16 days, but I've been taking HPT's but they're negative. Of course, I've also been going to a chiroprachtor, for Neurolink, but all I'm getting is black hairs on my chin (like I need more), from his adjustments.
question: WTF?

Also, when president Obama said he'd be getting troops out of Iraq, he forgot to mention to the world that he'd be putting them and more into Afghanistan. Again, WTF?

Why can't the media stop talking about the Gosselins? I am soooo sick of that family.

I have a problem with our bible study group Hubby and I have been recently going to. I cuss like a marine, soldier(whatever that saying is). I've already said, "dirty little whore" last week. I'm so scared I'll drop the "f-bomb." They all know their bible stories and don't watch cable and stuff. And I was raised Catholic. Houston, we have a problem.

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