Saturday, November 21, 2009

Update-whine time

I haven't blogged for a bit )I had been writing everyday. But, I'm extremely distressed. I think I have bronchitis again. THis is the second time this year. I went to the doctor Monday and I wnat to call them back to get some more pills and hve them listen to my chest, but I don't wqant to seem like a hypochonriac. I saw the nurse practitionor and it was very triggering. I was still upset when I saw my therpist Friday. I didn't want to get up today and participate in the day, but finally got up around 2pm. My husband is off work 'til the 30th and has lots of good plans, but once I start doing something, I have a cough attack. I don't want to make the couphing worse by going to the gym. I know it could be worse-I could be born without legs or have lung cancer. I'm just in the pits right know is all.

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