Monday, November 2, 2009

Adult ADHD?

I was thinking about this lately-maybe I have it. It is sooo hard for me to slow down. I get distracted easily and it seems like I always have five things on my mind, unless I make a conscious effort to take my time and slow the heck down.

Or maybe I've had these symptoms lately 'casue I've been on the ole wonderful emotional borderline rollercoaster for so long. Something to think about.


  1. I used to think about this for myself, too, because I had so many of the classic symptoms. But after talking to my parents about it, I didn't present like this as a child, and to be diagnosed with adult ADD, you've experienced similar symptoms as a child. I suggest doing some research...

  2. I was thinking about this some more and perhaps I feel this way becasue I am so impulsive if I don't slow down and think (mindfulness).


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