Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gotta scream!

Obgyn told us to stop trying 'cause I'm on klono;in. Hard to take at first, but then talked about adoption with Hubby. But....I am 5 days late on by period and I"m freaking out. I'mm waiting for Hubby to return with preg test and reduced my Klonopin by .5 mg and am already withdrawing. I hope for the first time since I got off the birth contro that I"m NOT pregnant. I"ve tried to get off of Klonopin before, and it was horrrible. I can't believe my pcoc(now retired) said a category D pill was okay! OMG! I'm flipping out. If I am preggo, I"m gonna call the psych ward right away and get a pdoc's advice on how to get off the damn klonop;in. I might even go there and "check myself in." I don't want to hurt my baby , but I also am afraid of withdrawal. Say a prayer.

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