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  2. Well there is a nice bundle of free music and videos on iTunes now, however I can't seem to find it on the mobile version of iTunes on the iPhone OS. Is there a way to find it? I really do not want to connect my iphone and then download it manually. Thanks in advance!
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  7. What is the difference between Direct3d 11 and DirectX 11? Are they the same? I know DirectX 11 takes advantage of multi-cores, but does it also support 3D so that companies can utilize this software? DirectX 11 is relatively new and only a few graphics cards are released which support it. What other things does DirectX 11 support? Does it further improve touchscreen capabilities like Windows 7 does? Please give as much information about Directx 11 as you can.

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  8. is there a catch? can i trust for video games?

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  9. Im runing on Windows vista ultimate 32 bit plz help

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  10. I am currently a high school student, I have a computer that works fine right now but will be getting a new one for college. I'm getting a MacBook Pro no matter what, but my question is should I wait to get the computer since Apple usually releases a MacBook Pro family every summer or should I buy one now. I can wait till summer no question about it. Does anyone know about an upcoming MacBook Pro family?

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  11. I got a itouch today and i plug it into my computer but itunes isnt syncing my music into it and on the screen on my itouch it a picture of a wire going into itunes what should i do??


  12. I've posted this previously but no one can seem to help me. I have been using Firefox for a couple of years now and all of a sudden it is saving my login id's. I don;t want this. I unchecked "save passwords' in the tools section because it someone told me to try that, but it is not saving passwords it is saving login id's . I have malwarebytes and avast and scan each night. Is this something new that Firefox is doing or what? I would just like to disable it because I don't want other users of this computer seeing my login id's. Please help me someone!


  13. I need to convert 5 disks from flac and need a free converter. Any ideas about which one would work the best?


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