Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, I was in the looney bin last Monday for thirteen hours because of stress brought upon by myself (yeah). The pdoc there talked to me about accepting where I am at right now and said something about that if this were the 50's , I'd be in a state hospital this whole time. But, it's really hard to accept where I am, I mean, I always thought I'd go to a universtity, make lots of money, change the world, etc. I can't even hold a job for more than a couple months becasue I get burnt out. I can't handle every day stress, Ill get all borderline and throw it on Hubby or go to bed, not moving for days. So, fellow sufferers, how am I supposed to accept all that? Anyone?

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  1. I know how hard this is.

    Acceptance means letting go, and that's really difficult to do when we have dreams and expectations.

    But we have to let go of those dreams and expectations to move on and get better.

    I know I'm sounding trite, but acceptance is a process, it's not just something that you can suddenly do.

    I'm sorry you were in the hospital, but I'm glad it wasn't for a very long time.


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