Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, I was going to go down to 150 mg of Seroqual yesterday, but I've started to feel really bad. I go into stores and seee all the Christmas crap and want to throw up. Plus, my granpa is going downhill and that is reallly woorying/stressing me, so I decided to go back up to 250mg. I feeel a lot calmer today and more like myself. My stomache isnt in a knot and I don't feel sick. Oh yeh, my pdoc is going to give me a prescription for a light box. Yeah!


  1. Wow - glad to hear you're getting a light box! That's excellent and I hope it helps you a lot!

  2. I've been told light boxes really help and I keep meaning to get one myself. I hope it helps out.


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