Sunday, October 5, 2008


I finally called the person I've been tutoring for a volunteer thing since the bewgginiing of summer. She wants way too much class time and a set class schedule-two things I can't give her with having a job and now being the head of a mental health newsletter. In the summer it was fine becasue I wasn't working and wasn't working on building up my support system. But I dediced that it's time I got selfish. Working on this newletter will be very helpful for me-I'll be around my friends and be using the opportunity of beign at the mental helath center for groups to improve my cping skills. Plus, I love the fact that I can being in money and help Hubby with the bills. Later on, we'll be looking for a house. I had my stomache in a knot all week becasue of my tutoring situation, but I finally decided to get my shit together and do something that will actuually benfit me for once.

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