Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Problems with Identity

Well, I've been struggling a little lately and it's late and I don't have to go to work tom., so I'm up and blogging. Tami Green is a dbt life coach and in one of her videos, she talks about the bpd criteria of problems with identity. She started to find out who she was by first compiling a simple list of her likes and dislikes. For example, she started out slowly by writing down that she liked the color "green." So, she became "someone who likes the color, 'green." Well, I don't like green. In fact, my favorite color is blue.
Since I have been struggling, I've decided to compose a list of likes, dislikes, beliefs, etc, to help me out and quite frankly pass some time (boredom is a big trigger).

Here goes:

Hello Kitty
shades of blue (from sky blue to a dark blue)
the singer, Pink
speaking with various accents
making people laugh
the fall
painting my nails

hot weather
racist people
large, Catholic weddings
pushy people

getting my driver's license
not having to go to day treatment anymore
graduating from college
I sold cutlery for a week.
I 've been a sub teacher's aide.
I've been a home care aide.
I had my own tutoring program.
I volunteered at a pet shelter.
I married the man of my dreams (and am still happily married).
We are out of debt.
I stood up to a therapist when I knew in my heart I was right.
I stood up to my boss when he was inappropriate.
I make jewelry.
I have a blog.

That's all for now. What are your "likes?"

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  1. This is a lovely list Pigtails, I think anyone suffering from bpd should do one. I'm lucky in that my identity isn't so much a problem anymore,

    I pretty well know my likes: being married, cardmaking, zine making, photography, Tori Amos music, the colour purple.

    Dislikes: cleaning and cooking, the end of a good book, scary movies at night.

    Ackomplishemts: getting my degrees, getting my first permenant job since I was 17 [pity I lost it], I volunteered for the RSPCA in the office, I rescued our cat Missy from a cat shelter [love you Moo], many more things I can't think of



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