Monday, January 19, 2009

Went crazy

so, I was just fine and dandy decreqasing my Seroqual right? NOpe! Friday night (my fourth day on just 100mg), my OCD came back full throttle, anxiety went through the roof, basically I felt like I was losing my mind.
So, now I'm back to 200 mg-sleepier, but I'm ok. Damn, that was scary.


  1. It's a really hard drug to come off of or reduce. You need to go really, really slowly with it because it's almost like weaning off of a benzo. But, you're listening to your body which is great; that's what you should be doing!

  2. Anxiety is so hard to deal with. It just courses through you and all you want to do is jump out of your own skin.

    Hope you are doing better.

  3. Poor sweetie! When I was on stress leave, I was on 100 mgs too, and usually it worked. After a few months I was back at work and now take 1/4 of a 25 mg tablet, and it still feels like getting hit with a sledgehammer (whereas the 100 mg didn't feel that way when I was stressed). Guess the bottom line, as WC said, is that when you're ready, you're ready but not till then. Hang in there.

  4. Hi, Pigtails, sorry you is so depressed. Have you tried blow shit up ? Is work like the treat.

    Allah be with you,


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