Wednesday, January 7, 2009


bummed about not getting pregnant, sleeping a lot, low motivation, no one calling for free tutoring. Dont' feel like subbing. My clas starts next week. I feel fat an like a loser.


  1. You are not fat and you are not a loser! Remember that!

    On another note, I heard from Raspberry on Facebook and she's fine and says she'll be around blog visiting soon.

  2. WC's got it right, you're neither!!!

    Dr. Bridg prescribes sleep, wine and a comedy movie.

  3. I missed a period once and was so excited and it turned out i wasn't preggo and i was so disappointed. I know where u are. But don't worry. If it was the right time, it would have happened. But for now, take care of yourself. Do something that usually cheers you up. Bridget Jones and W.C. are so right, you are not a loser. So chill out, grab some popcorn (cause u are NOT fat) and watch something funny!


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