Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So many good things to type about. First of all, sinced I've been getting the experience of being a teacher's aide last year and this year, I finally found out what ages I want to work with and have been contacting the college-very awesome! I'm really glad I have experience working with all kinds of kids and different age groups, so I could make a bettter decidsion-I am going to be a preschool teacher (one of these years), but I'm so happy that I finally found out what I really want todo with my life.
Last night, I had a BPD breakthrough. I felt angry and cheated with my husband. I was either going to start a dramamtic fight or just go to bed, depresssed (probably waking up in the morning , feeling worse. ) But no, out of nowhere, I took the high road and announced to my husband that I was angry. Then, we talked about why and made a lot of healthy changes. I'm so happy he's so patient with me and willing to communicate. This is a big thing, since I've acted on my emotions for about over a year, not thinking , just becoming dramatic, or going inside myself-all depressed. Good day, eh?


  1. It's so important to communicate effectively and honestly with BPD. Glad to hear you had a great talk with your husband and that he's such a supportive guy!

  2. Isn't great when you have those moments?

  3. Wow, well done you!

    I agree with Coyote, communicate communicate communicate - absolutly key in life, even more so when dealing with the high emotions of BPD.

    Keep it up - you're doing great, and sounds like your husband is a great guy

    Love and hugs

    rasp xXx


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