Saturday, April 10, 2010


I mowed our lawn today! While trying to get the motor started, I busted and bruised my finger. When I was almost done mowing, I fell into a sewer ditch. Whatever was in there (don't wanna think about it) was so thick that I needed help getting pulled out. Did I mention that last week I was toting five laundry baskets downstairs and fell down the steps! My tailbone is still sore. I love the house, but man we have a huge yard and the laundry is downstairs.
I made this stupid promise to Hubby that if we ever got a house, I would mow the yard. I looked at riding mowers and they cost more than my car, so I will need to toughen up, and make more than one trip with those stupid laundry baskets! Ha ha!


  1. I seem to fall over and hurt myself all the time. I just tripped over my folder I keep all my notes in for homework and the ring binder bit went into my toe - ouch! I think I have bruises even I can't remember how I got. I hope you are okay and for the record, good on your for mowing the lawn, I hate stuff like that so I am so glad we live in a apartment complex with no lawn!

  2. How is you pigtails ? I am miss you. You is sound much happier, maybe you is blow stuff up.


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