Friday, March 19, 2010

People actually follow my blog!

Am I slow or what? I just clicked on the "followers" part of my blog and found out I have three followers! It's very exciting! I just thought WC was the only person besides sis #2 who was reading my blog. I better put more effort into this sucker and write a bit every day or so. Oh, we have only ten, yes ten more days before we move into the new house. We still have so much stuff to pack. I can't believe we have so much junk in out little apartment!
I guess the increase in Prisitiq and adding of the Trazodone is working. I haven't felt real horrible in about a week.

Stuff we will have in the new house that we've never had at the apartment:

a yard (have to mow it)

a double garage (sweet!)

no railroad track next to us (yes!)

a patio/deck thingy

a fireplace (place to hang stockings-check)

trash pickup (instead of a communal dumpster)

neighbors that we can actually be friends with

a mailbox

1.5 bathrooms

an extra bedroom


  1. Wow, the place sounds totally sweet! Man, I can't imagine living next to a railway! Good luck with the packing...I know it seems never-ending, but it will be great once you are in your new place! Be gentle with yourself!

    BTW, I have no idea where Raspberry has gone...She hasn't blogged in months.

  2. Hello Pigtails! Yes, I have been reading your little randoms and such. And yes, I was diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder waayyy back in 1993. I see you are taking Trazedone for sleep. I take Temazepam along with 75mg Diphenhydramine which results in lovely "waking dreams" that often make me feel as if I am in a nitemare (why buying a jug of Orange Juice is scary in my sleep is beyond me). Anyways, enjoy the new yard! Don't skip mowing it, no matter how much you feel like it, because it really sucks to have to use a scythe to chop the grass to a height the mower can handle it and not bog out. Trust me.


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