Friday, February 13, 2009

Apologies Accepted?

Well, after much emotional torture, I am NOT pregnant. I want a baby so bad , I can taste it, but I talked to my doctor's nurse today and she said that since I've beeen on birth control for over five years, it may take up to six months until I have a normal cylce and start ovulating. She said to just relax and forget about the ovulation testing and get my mind on other things. After researching the web and taling to everyone else but a professional about getting pregnant, I feel releived to have heard from her and am going to take her advice.
I've been driving myself and loved ones crazy with my borderline symtoms. And thinking I might be pregnant hasn;t helped. I need to get my mindfullness" on and get on with my life. Maybe even apologizze for my behavior.

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